Toiletbowl choke: What you should do.

Found this article on choke toilet bowl that i belive would be useful for anyone. Learned how to deal with a choke the hard way as i continued flushing even when the water refuse to subside. This resulted in a very messy situation at the end. Read below for the full article:


A toiletbowl choke or clog can be a rather embarrassing and highly inconvenient problem to deal with. With some clogs, the level of the water inside the toilet bowl will rise dangerously close to the overflow point, but eventually, the toiletbowl’s contents will go down the drain.

This may continue on with each flush until the choke is dealt with. Other types of clogs may result in water and waste from the toiletbowl seeping out onto the floor, and the toilet may continue to run and cause a watery mess in your home until water leading to the toilet is turned off.

Understanding how to deal with a toiletbowl choke is a necessity for any homeowner or renter.

Turn Off the Water

As a first step, you should immediately shut off the water main that leads to the toilet. Generally, this is accomplished by turning a little knob located on the wall behind the toilet. By turning this knob, you will stop the flow of water into the toilet. This will in turn stop additional water from pouring out of the toilet bowl. You should also take steps to clean up water on the floor before attempting to fix the toilet. This can prevent water damage from affecting your home.