The skywoods @ Dairy Farm Road

Want to invest in a property? Consider The skywoods development at Dairy farm road, a prime district within Singapore. The reason why Singapore property prices have been increasing over the years is the fact that


1. The government is still expanding their population by increasing the intake of foreign talent

2. The obvious lack of land to build properties (which is why most housing in Singapore are high rise buildings).


Using simple demand and supply law, the increasing population growth would need a place to stay while the limited land 714.3 sq kilometers (source: makes it hard for the government to develop enough homes. Thus demand outstrip supply. As such, the price of Singapore property has more been on the up climb for years.


However, do note that there is law regarding foreign ownership of homes in singapore. See:


Now back to The Skywoods. One of the main reason why the prospect is high for this development is that the location is near the CBD area (approx 15 minute drive). For public transport, a MRT station would be built within minutes walk from the development. Facilities wise, there are 3 shopping malls nearby to make your grocery trip a breeze in the park. (see: