Malaysia boom with Chinese investment.

I guess you can say thats the power of chinese money. Having travelled to malaysia a lot in the last few years. We can really see the difference in the property market especially at Johor Bahru, nearing to Singapore. 

The amount of top end condominium development and high end service provider has been increasing so as to meet the demand driven by investment pouring in from china. 

A recent trip to china shows how well malaysia is promoted there in a bid to drive the local chinese to buy a 2nd or 3rd home in malaysia as a investment with their main draw being the close proximity to Singapore whom many still view as a location to visit or live in when they are rich.

So there you have it. A economy that is booming with the help of chinese money that Singapore has missed out on.

Malaysia's economy grew by 5.6 per cent in the first quarter of 2017, its fastest pace in two years, beating expectations by economists who had forecast growth of between 4.8 to 4.9 per cent. Credits: Malaysia's economy grows 5.6% in Q1, fastest pace in 2 years


Macron win: a win for globalization?

Got to agree with this. With brexit and America nationalist/protectionist outlook, it is a breather to know that someone whom is pro-globalization has won an election.

While it is hard to say which is right or wrong as this would only be determined in history in the future, what i feel we should rely on is what has brought our society to where it is so far.

SINGAPORE – Pro-European centrist Emmanuel Macron's victory in the French presidential election has brought hope to France, Europe and the world that openness and tolerance can defeat extremism, said Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on Monday (May… Credits: Macron’s win in France election brings hope to the world: Tharman


A quick guide to starting a business in Singapore

Many times i have friends asking me about setting up a business in Singapore. Often my reply is that Singapore is a easy place to start up a business. All you have to do is head to http://www.acra.gov.sg/ and register a business online or head down to the branch at tanjong pagar. 

For company bank account opening, it is slightly more complicated due to the paperwork which you have to prepare for the bank. The article below should answer any question on that.

Business owners in Singapore have a lot of options when opening a business bank account. Financial institutions offer many useful features that can help a business conveniently and efficiently manage their money. These include foreign currency and multi-currency accounts, business insurance, trade finance services,treasury and market services, liquidity management services, accounts payable services, credit cards, check books and internet banking.




With this i hope it helps any wanna be start ups in their business registration.

Ps: Sole prop basically means starting your business in your own name. Less paper work less hassle. Private Limited do scare many new entreprenurs but all it means is more account to be done but the business is recongnise as a seperate entitiy from you in the eyes of the law. For example: under sole prop you are the owner not an employee but under Pte Ltd you can register yourself as a employee.


Oil fell despite lower US drilling activity

Oil price has fallen again! Several of my friends and myself have concluded over a cup of coffee that the economy is likely to dip furthur next year. 

Really planning to sit tight onto cold hard cash and try and make the most out of this. Good luck to all the investors out there :)


SINGAPORE – Oil prices dropped in Asian trading hours on Monday despite a fall in U.S. drilling activity for the fourth straight week, with analysts pointing to a poor economic growth outlook as the main reason for low crude prices. China's August industrial…
source: http://www.todayonline.com/business/oil-prices-fall-slowing-global-economic-growth-outlook


54 Billion Package – Japan

Kind of regret not investing in the YEN but still i hope his means good news for those of my friends that have been investing in Japan stocks and currency.

Tokyo will announce a spending package worth almost US$54 billion on Thursday, media reports said, in a bid to offset a tax hike that comes into effect next year and which critics fear will derail Japan's economic recovery.



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